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35 countries, 500 communities and 60,000 plus volunteers. All from a singular vision.

Imagine building a church for a Navajo village, roofing a home, or teaching a child. Imagine serving the world today.

Mission Trips: Serving the world. Changing yourself.

Before: A trip to school meant a 1.5-mile detour around an unsafe bridge.
After: A direct path to learning for Navajo students.

Good businesses making great differences

A Lifetouch group built a school in the Dominican Republic, testing its teamwork with a fast-moving bucket brigade.

Lesson #1: Everyone has something to give.

Students repair a roof, preserve a home, and learn how working together can change everything.

The ultimate quality time: Serving as a family

Serving together—like building a school in Ecuador—creates cultural immersion and a sense of global responsibility.

Communities Serving Communities

Communities like radio audiences can band together to make a difference, such as ensuring access to clean water in Kenya.

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How can I help NOW?

It all starts with you.

Our Christian mission trips partner with communities for lasting change, so you can make a difference as an individual or as part of a group mission trip.

What is included in a World Servants Mission Trip?

Leave the details to us.

From arranging the construction to organizing participants to share their experiences, World Servants mission trips include logistics, cross-cultural training, clean water and safe food, secure accommodations and much more.More Details

The Threats & Opportunities

As 2014 went and with the arrival of 2015, I am reminded how vulnerable we are to the fast-pace changes in the world.  Much of the past 6 months, the world has been engrossed in concerns over the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.  The hyperbolic concerns give the perception it is unsafe to travel the world.  Be assured, with World Servants, it is safe! 

But the greater virus in our world is not so much physical, as it is spiritual.  World Servants is committed now more than ever to be an antidote to the worldly trend leading people to spiritual death.  We covet your partnership to that end, as we go about bringing Hope to the world!               - Michael Minich, Executive Director