WORD FM Radio Partnership with World Servants

World Servants has partnered with many organizations who dedicate their time and volunteers and participate on missions year after year. World Servants has been in partnership with WORD FM Radio (Pittsburg, PA) since 2001, and we're proud to feature them as they continue to build a legacy in the organization. Below is a brief synopsis of their missions over the years.


The first WORD FM Radio mission trip was to the Dominican Republic, which was followed by a mission trip to the Crow Nation near Billings, Montana in 2002.

The team assembled a computer lab, began construction on Pastor Pretty-On-Top’s home, put on new roofs and repaired several homes, constructed a storage room and did several outside repairs on the Crow nursing home. Outreach activities included holding a basketball camp, worship with the community and activities with the residents of the nursing home.


In the summer of 2003, a WORD FM team served in Panzaleo, Ecuador. This isolated community was in need of spiritual, as well as physical assistance. Everyone worked at an orphanage, Jardin del Eden, on the kitchen, dining room, play room, laundry room, and storeroom on the first floor. Work continued on the second floor with the sleeping rooms, bathrooms, and a living room. In addition, the team participated in outreach activities in the community, including children’s ministry and contemporary music outreach


Returning to Ecuador in 2004 to Jardin del Eden, the team continued work on existing buildings at the orphanage and constructed a workshop on the property.

Building classrooms for a Quechua church in North Quito, Ecuador which are now used in their youth and children’s programs, was WORD FM team’s construction project of their 2005 mission trip. In addition, the team engaged in a four day long Kids’ Club with approximately 100 children each day and home visits in the local community.


Kenya was the destination of the 2006 WORD FM mission team. Participants worked together on building an orphanage in Nairobi to care for children who have lost their parents to AIDS. The most special moments were spent with the children, getting to know them and share God’s love.


The Word FM journeyed to Brazil in 2007 for a unique mission. The first 5 days of the trip took place in an extremely poor and under-resourced area of the capital city Sao Paulo (home to 30 million people) to expand an afterschool program for elementary aged students through the renovation of space into classrooms.

In stark contrast to the city, the remainder of the time was spent in a remote fishing village called Ariri, which is nestled in the coastal waters south of Sao Paulo; its isolation from the modern world outside the community, has left it relatively unchanged for centuries. Alongside community members, the team helped construct a multi-purpose building, now used as a community center, church, medical clinic, equipment repair shop, and vocational training center. Outreach ministry included Kids Club, woman’s ministries and home visits.


In 2008, Kunming, China was the destination of the WORD FM mission team. They worked alongside Bless China International at The YaoAn Farm assisting with the development of the farm. The farm is an agricultural training facility and the team assisted the families/workers in their efforts to create better farmland that produce better crops through useful farming techniques.


WORD FM returned to Ecuador in 2011. The team of listeners built a community center and weekday home in Pujili, Ecuador. Many children in the mountain regions of Ecuador do not attend school regularly because it takes two hours to walk to school and then another two hours to walk home. With this building, many kids in this region who hadn’t previously attended school do now. They live at the “weekday” home during the school week, and then go home on weekends. The team spent time with the kids at Jardin del Eden and did Kid's Club activities, as well.


The Jardin del Eden, Ecuador was revisited in 2012 as WORD FM’s mission team built a second story onto the orphanage, completing the project started in 2003. The time was filled with building projects, Kids’ Club and celebrating the Ecuadorian culture.


In 2013, the WORD FM team will work alongside the community of Wheelwright, Kentucky; improving living conditions and opening doors to share Jesus. The majority of the mission week will be spent on home renovation projects. Most of the homes are in disrepair and will benefit from the work of loving hearts and hands. Projects can include roofing, installation of vinyl siding, windows and doors, constructing a wheel chair ramp, giving an elderly person easy access to their home, building a deck, painting and general clean up.

The team will also learn about the Appalachian culture with its strong emphasis on family values. By participating in outreach events, Kids’ Club (VBS-type activities), Mega Sports camps, and community outreach cookouts, you’ll build relationships as you interact with the people in the community.