Strengthening Families through Mission Experiences

  • Looking for a way to strengthen your family?
  • Seeking an opportunity to make a difference in the world, as well as in your children?
  • Yearning for a significant experience that teaches your children important family values?

A World Servants mission experience can be an answer to your prayers. Families value experiences that incorporate the whole family and engage them in the learning process. Change the lives of your children by introducing them to the adventure of travel and showing them how they can be a blessing to others in need. Kids will see their lives in a way they've never seen them before.

Experiencing a mission trip as a family offers an opportunity to instill Christian values of service and love in your children. For more than twenty years, World Servants has engaged families in service opportunities in the United States and around the world. These experiences lead to conversation around issues of poverty, justice, service and mercy, while clarifying family values. At the end of the day, everyone comes away with a better understanding of themselves, God and the world.

This was a defining moment in my life and in the life of our family. We'll never be the same!

- Parent of a family on a
2007 World Servants
short term mission trip

World Servants takes care of all the details. Trip leadership, transportation, accommodations and food, as well as construction details and training are included in the cost of the trip. Parents can focus all their attention on spending time with their children, reflecting on daily activities, sharing what they've learned and discussing how these lessons can be applied when they return home.

You can choose a one or two week experience serving a specific community to meet their physical and spiritual needs through acts of kindness. Service means not only doing construction projects, but also engaging in fellowship through Kid's Club (i.e. VBS), community worship, women's ministry and home visitations.

There are many ways your family can make a difference, but nothing compares with accomplishing something together and interacting with people in the community. This hands-on service not only provides hope to others, but is a basis for learning not soon forgotten. Your presence and service truly makes an impact that is directly felt, seen and heard.


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