Serving Can be Surprising

by Kelly Kramer

Suvia Children's Home, Kali Market, Kenya

I have discovered that service is paradoxical in its nature. Every time I feel that God has laid it on my heart to go serve or help or change, I come back from the experience myself served, helped and changed.  This is no exception with Suvia Children's Home.

About two years ago, I was part of a team, which helped build various parts of Suvia Children's Home.  When we left, it wasn't quite completed and there were no children living there yet.  In 2009, I returned to Kenya to attend Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology to, by the grace of God, receive a Master's in Divinity.  On my first break, I traveled back to Suvia to find it filled with 26 vibrant and loving girls!  My next break, which was in April, I knew I had to return again.  This time I went to not only visit the girls, but also to interview them in order to help World Servants find sponsors for each of them.  Through this process, I was able to get past the usual visitor's songs and poems to learn more about each girl; to hear, in their own voice, their personal story.

One such story was that of Mwende.  Although I don't know all of the details, what I do know has changed my life.  Mwende is one of the older girls at Suvia.  She is a born leader and inspires us all to reach for greatness!  Mwende's parents and grandparents are no longer in her life due to a variety of circumstances.  In her early teens, she was left alone, virtually abandoned, to take care of her younger siblings.  There came a point when it was too much for her.  She didn't know how to be a mom and not having hope any longer she tried to take her own life.  Thank God her attempt failed because today she is a beacon of light to everyone who knows her.  She is determined to one day become the President of Kenya.  I truly believe that this can happen and, more importantly, so does she!

Our world is made up of individuals, but it is also made of systems.  It is important for an individual to have a dream, a drive and natural abilities.  If we work hard, we believe we should be able to achieve our goals.  But in reality this is not always true.  Many people get stuck in a system that does not allow them to reach their goals.  Many people do not have the opportunities others might have for many reasons.

So, I have begun to think (I know, a dangerous thing!).  I have not come up with a solution to all the world's systemic issues and injustices, but I am thinking.   I am challenging myself to not be okay with the status quo, but to strive for greatness - just like Mwende.  I want bright, God-fearing, leaders like the girls at Suvia to not only reach their goals, but to change the world!  So how does that happen?  I am thinking about it - are you?  How can we each use our abilities and resources to change the world for the better?

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