Do you ROOV?

Here's a website we think could be very useful to you and other past participants of World Servants mission experiences - you'll want to check it out. It's called

ROOV is a Christian online community designed to connect like-minded individuals around their shared experiences and passions within their church and city. It's a starting point for conversations among people of faith on a local level.

It doesn't stop there... ROOV helps facilitate real-life gatherings towards actions in our society. The heartbeat of ROOV is to "get people online to get them offline", per se.

World Servants knows it can be difficult coming back from a phenomenal missions experience and not having people to hang out with who are passionate about Jesus and encouraging you in your walk with God.

Here are two places on ROOV where World Servants people can get involved in their communities:

  • ROOV: "Go On Overseas Missions"
  • Cause: "Orphans and Refugees"

ROOV is a great way to connect with other Christians in your community and get involved with people who share similar interests and activities. We think what they are doing at ROOV can be helpful to you in your ministry efforts.

It's all rather simple... so hop on over to and discuss your experiences and passions in an effort to intentionally build community.

Check out

Thanks, from your friends and fellow servants at World Servants