Reid-Welch Family School

Since taking our mission trip to Haiti in 2007, where we helped build a school house in the village of Fosse Capois, we have felt very passionate about continuing these efforts to support the families in this region. 

In lieu of wedding gifts, Brooke and I would ask you make a donation to World Servants that will be placed in a special fund we have set up to build a primary school in Northern Haiti (a.k.a. the Reid-Welch Family School.) 

We would also like to invite anyone who is interested to join us in the experience of building the school at a date to be determined.  If you are interested in being a part of a trip to Haiti with us to do the actual building please email us at brookereid(at)lifetouch-dot-com

Thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration,
Brooke Reid and Orren Welch