Family Trips

As our children are growing older and leaving home, we had been noticing more of a disconnect in our family. At first the thought of bringing all three of our young children on a mission trip was overwhelming. But we knew that if we took the time, it would be a great experience for us all.

- Dominican Republic Participant

As parents, it's been difficult to communicate with our kids, but after working together on projects and serving a community in need, we've learned to trust one another. On the 4th day of the trip, I overheard my son asking his father for advice, and to see the smile on my husband's face, as he glanced at me, brought me to tears.

- Mexico Participant

Serving on a mission trip has allowed us to come back together. Because of this opportunity, we've grown as a family and our children are now excited about serving others in our home and at school.

- West Virginia Participant

Adult Trips

The trip that I was involved with was a pinnacle turning point in my life which has led to a life of aiming to help our world neighbors and travel to foreign lands to meet new and interesting people and discover exotic places.

- Kenya Participant

Youth Trips

For my son, I think he's learned that the world is SO much bigger than his circle - that's not a lesson he could have learned without this experience.

- Parent of a New Orleans Participant

Intergenerational Trips

As a parish pastor I have witnessed a true deepening of discipleship in several of our members who have gone on mission trips to the Dominican Republic. One young man and his family attended worship periodically prior to the trip and now are in worship every week. A middle aged woman and her family are heavily involved in youth mission trips now. Another participant attends a weekly in-depth Bible study here at the church. Other participants talk about their mission trip experience as "a true life-changing experience." The Holy Spirit works in all of us in different ways, God's power and influence is felt daily by all in this servanthood experience.

- Dominican Republic Participant