Update on the situation after Tropical Storm Noel

(Nov 16th)

The country is slowly recovering from the storm, but life is still very difficult for the communities that have been hit the hardest by the flood.  World Servants has been busy coordinating relief efforts in the mountain villages of San Cristobal.  Some of the work done this week was:

  • Beds were donated  to the families that were flooded
  • Food was delivered  to the people have the greatest need
  • Plans were made to fix some roofs that were damaged by the wind of the storm.
  • Estimates were completed for each water system

"The actions that we are taking, all of them are focused on meeting the basic things that people need right now, beds, shelter, water, clothes and food.  Providing drinking water is our number one focus. People in other places are beginning to die of illnesses brought on by contamination. Above all we care for that place, we have made relationships with the people living there, these relationships have connected us with the people of this area.  If we don't do anything now in their time of crisis, why would they continue to trust us."      Daniel Rodriguez  Executive Director World Servants Dominican Republic

We have completed an evaluation of the damage to the water systems in the area of San Cristobal where we have partner communities that were severely affected by Noel. Six of the communities have problems with their water systems. We have a preliminary cost estimate of these damages. Supplies are being delivered and Tasicar is coordinating the repair efforts with the local people.  Our intention is to have all six water systems working by the end of December.

Our last wish is to help the families that lost their whole house. But that will have to wait since we don't have money for it yet. We have two models for houses, one costs $3,000 dollars and the second costs $5,000 dollars for materials.



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How can you help?

Visit the Immediate Response page and consider making a donation to help people in one of the many communities served by World Servants.

Visit the Community Updates page to get updated information about specific communities.

Be in prayer for the people of the Dominican Republic, and prayerfully consider how your community might participate in the long-term response.

Pastors and lay leaders - consider bringing this urgent need before your congregations and make an appeal for a special offering to help the communities in the Dominican Republic.

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