Christ Pres from Edina, MN is Jammin’ in Jamaica

April 3rd, 2014

World Servants is excited to share updates from the Christ Presbyterian Church Youth Mission Team serving in Catadupa, Jamaica the week of March 29 through April 4, 2014.    If you have a mission team – youth, families or intergenerational, and would like to serve in Jamaica with World Servants, please give us a call at 800-881-2170 or send an email to  For more information about World Servants go to:

Jamaica Spring Break Trip                           

Update 3/31/14

The group in Jamaica is having an awesome trip so far!  Because of their difficulty hooking up to the internet, I will be posting updates on the blog that I receive from the team!

Here’s what is happening so far:  The group attended church on Sunday.  The service was 2 hours long and Lee preached!  Phoebe led a kids Bible study.  The group also attended group cross cultural training.  Here they learned how to cross cultural barriers while in Jamaica, and what that would look like when they come home.  The group also got some time to explore the community a bit and meet some of the people living there!

The group is leading a Kids Club every morning for the church in the area.  They split into 4 different groups and each group switches off being in charge of Kids Club.  They’re also building 2 retaining walls for a church partnership with a school in Cambridge, Jamaica.

As if these things haven’t filled up their schedule enough, Lee also told us some of the things they’re doing during free time.  They have had chances to play games like soccer with the local kids.  In their group, they have played “about 100 games of mafia.”  Lee said there is no shortage of bugs there and it’s HOT!

The students are all working really hard and getting along with everyone down there!  There are some pictures to give you an idea of what they’ve been up to!

Update 4/2/14

It’s Trevor again, and I’ve got another Jamaica update for you all!  This time around, I’ll post pictures and give you a bit of background with each of them.

First we have a picture of the accommodations for our crew!  Not only is our group learning how to build retaining walls and love people, they’re also getting some real world training in extermination!  The bugs are plentiful, so their job is never done!

There is a picture of the retaining wall the group is working on.  The church and school buildings above the retaining wall are not in great shape because of their poor foundation.  This retaining wall will help secure the foundation and prevent further erosion.

There is a picture of the landscape of the area.  The team is 2,500 feet up in the mountains, so they get this beautiful view!  Tough to believe they are in this and we are supposed to get snow soon…

One of the things the group is doing is clearing boulders.  There is a picture of some of the rocks they’ve had to move.  In Lee’s words, “the kids are doing really hard physical labor and are kicking butt!”

Last night they had some men’s and women’s time which was great.  Tomorrow the group will be heading to Negril and playing in the sun on 7 mile beach.  Which makes me really jealous, but it should be a great time for them!

10151410_10152149145018778_860646841_n 1959307_10152149144618778_1460761397_n 1977249_10152149144163778_2132127643_n 10003885_10152149144278778_1640460321_n Boulders to be moved Scenic shot Lodging photo Retaining wall being built