San Juan Bosco Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico

February 28th, 2013

I would like to think that every orphanage is like Rancho San Juan Bosco. Miseal, the director, and his wife Yolanda are devout Christians, feel called to serve the children at San Juan Bosco and are committed to never turn a child away. While running the home is a challenge, Miseal doesn’t worry; he depends on the Lord to provide everything they need. As a doctor, Yolanda manages the needs of all the children and offers medical care to the community several hours a day.

World Servants has been taking teams to San Juan Bosco for over sixteen years. We help with needed repairs and programs with the boys. While the physical projects the teams have done help the long term plans the director has identified, it is the time the group spends with the boys that makes a big difference in their lives.

In July 2012, a World Servants team of 17 people went to serve at San Juan Bosco. A roof built over the new chicken coop, provided relief from the constant sun, and has resulted in increased egg production! The team repaired the game room ceiling, laid a cement slab to the side of one of the buildings, and widened the garden area by erecting a larger fence. The group gave the clinic a good cleaning and several of the participants painted a colorful mural in the waiting room. It was so much fun.

The team was active from dawn to dusk, they offered Kid’s Club for the children, we helped staff with the everyday needs of the orphanage; fixed meals, did the laundry and helped with cleaning chores. It was a wonderful week of coming alongside the staff and kids, building relationships and learning about each other.

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