Our Nations History

February 5th, 2013

Want to learn about the plight of the Native Americans in our country? Want to feel the history of our nation as it expanded west across the northern Great Plains? Come serve in the Crow Nation. The Crow reservation is the 5th largest in the United States and home to approximately 6,500 Crow. It is situated in southeastern Montana a little more than an hour east of Billings, Montana.

You will stay in an encampment with cabins built by previous World Servant volunteers. The camp is situated on Crow land where General George Custer marched his men to the Battle of the Little Big Horn. After a full day of involvement within the Crow community, you will return to the serene setting of the camp and enjoy volunteer-cooked meals and an evening time of group reflection.

Serve and share God’s love with the wonderful friendly people of the Crow. Partnering with Pastor Kenneth Pretty on Top and his church located in the community of Crow Agency, World Servants has earned the trust of the Crow people. This enables us to serve in a number of ways. From work projects to nursing home visits to providing free car washes, there is a lot of community involvement! Projects vary and often involve painting, roofing, plumbing and carpentry work such as building decks and repairing homes. Kids Klub (VBS) is held in the town park four mornings each week, and a kids’ carnival is a weekly highlight for the family-centered people of the Crow Nation.

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