Cree Nation

Ochekwi-Sipi … The Fisher River Cree Nation

September 1st, 2015


Our team arrived on the Southwestern shores of Lake Winnipeg on
July 19, 2015 to experience a week with the dear First Nation people of the Fisher River Cree(FRCN). The team included a family from Memphis, Tennessee and two moms and two daughters from the Dallas, Texas area. The experience was meteorologically in the HEART of summer, so the weather was beautiful. We acquainted ourselves with the more than 140-year history of the Cree during this week preceding their annual Treaty Days celebration. What a joy and privilege to come alongside of these great stewards of the north country that they have taken great pride in developing. We will bring multiple teams – Lord willing – in 2016. The FRCN has lived out and taught the principle “Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.” They are grateful for all that we got to do with them. More details soon.

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