Life in Jamaica

February 5th, 2013

This island nation is one of beauty and adventure. Many visitors come to Jamaica to relax, get away from it all and put their troubles behind them. In some parts of this natural paradise there is another reality, almost a completely different country where the people struggle to meet their basic needs. Outside the resorts, many Jamaicans go without food, shelter, medical treatment and jobs. People walk miles to work and to school as they try to improve their life situations.

High in the rural mountains of Jamaica World Servants has been blessed to partner with Pastor Leroy, a local minister who is a champion for his people and community. We have come alongside him and his team to aid in building needed schools, out houses, community meeting facilities and churches. Together, World Servants teams help to make a difference serving with local adults, but also with school children! In 2012, Jamaican school children came out during their recesses, lunch time and after school and joined our mission teams to build a sports field, ensuring their community would have a safe place for children of all ages to play. It is a wonderful experience serving together and out of this act of service we see relationships being built and lives being changed for the better.

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