Holding up the church in Cambridge, Jamaica 2014

April 9th, 2014

Last week, 23 people traveled from Edina, Minnesota  to Jamaica to help build a retaining wall for a church in Cambridge that was losing it’s balance. The church was built at the top of a hill and the rains were washing away the hillside.  Two years ago the need for a retaining wall was identified and the project was started. A high school group from Mc Allisterville, PA stepped up and started the work. They returned this year and were able to make a big difference in supporting the project, but more work needed to be done.

The Edina team was able to not only continue building the retaining wall, they were also able to help continue preparing the footers for a much needed classroom for the preschool as well as continuing to build a new block fence around a play area for the church school.

The team also made time to minister to the school children with Kid’s Club (Vacation Bible School). Part of the team were able to do home visits to learn more about living in Jamaica. Pastor Leroy Gordon from a Catadupa church hosted the team and everyone enjoyed meeting the church community.

The Edina team left Jamaica praising the team of local workers who showered them with kindness and taught them life lessons about working as a team and serving the body of Christ.

Pattie Juarez, Community Specialist for Jamaica


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