Dominican Republic

Consuelito Mission Trip (Dominican Republic)

March 17th, 2014

March 6, 2014
As we fly to Santo Domingo I’m reminded of the work that Pastor Bernice is doing in Consuelito. She has a heart for the young kids in the community. It was hard to believe she has only been serving as the Pastor of that church for one year.

The community was so responsive to her as we walked through the community. The many young people that attended the church service on Sunday. God is blessing what she is doing and it’s fun to see it.

Our first trip was working at expanding the little church to double its size. New bathrooms that will have running water and several rooms for classes at the church. This trip we hope to finish the roof in the main building so that the church expansion will be complete.

I’m looking forward to Kid’s Club…so many kids and lots of fun.

Pattie Juarez

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