Being an encouragement in the Crow

August 3rd, 2015

(6/28/15 to 7/4/15) We always talk about expecting the unexpected. Because it happens and we know that, but, this team was the best. God used them in a special way this year. They were the first group to arrive at the camp and it needed a lot of clean-up. As God always does he sent a group that could do what needed to be done. They worked hard to trim, cut, weed, clean and fix for two days. We stopped to reach out to the children each day and enjoyed evenings in the community. The last two days we helped do the same for a Grandmother in the community that was raising her two grandchildren. She had purchased a swing-set a month earlier and asked if someone could put it together. With out missing a beat, the team figured out what we needed and got to work. It was a blessing to step back and see how excited the kids were with the swing-set and the slide. The grandmother looked around and couldn’t believe how much had been done. She thanked the group and explained what a blessing it was to have our help. Having to go back to work and raise her grandchildren made it hard for her to keep things up. God used us to remind her that He loves her. It was the perfect ending to a mission week.

Pattie Juarez, World Servants Trip Leader


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