Dominican Republic

Serving the church to have a place for the children in Consuelito, DR

July 30th, 2015

Last week a group of families from around the United States gave a week of their time and talents to serve the Church in a small village called Consuelito. It’s not on a map, it’s too small but it’s located in San Pedro de Marcos. The community started because of the sugar cane fields that surround it. Families moved there to harvest the cane. Our partnership is with: Iglesia Roca de Salvation. The Pastor Ruth Berenice Bastardo has a vision to grow the church by serving the children. Our group worked hard at building a block wall that will allow the church to have a space that is safe for the children.

We were able to meet with the children in the afternoon to share a bible story with them and also sing some songs. They were a delight and most days we had more than 80 kids.

As we left last Saturday, it was with heavy hearts because we will miss our new friends. But we join the Pastor and pray that the community will continue to grow in their understanding of who Christ is and how He loves them.

Pattie Juarez, Community Specialist for the Dominican Republic, Trip Leader