Mission Trip to Tecate Changes World Perspective

March 29th, 2014


On World Servants'  mission trip to Tecate, Mexico in 2013.

On World Servants’ mission trip to Tecate, Mexico in 2013.

Rancho San Juan Bosco Children's Home in Tecate, Mexico

Rancho San Juan Bosco Children’s Home in Tecate, Mexico


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Thirty Kenyan Orphans Blessed Through Sponsorship

March 19th, 2014

For more than 7 years World Servants has had the blessing to be involved with Suvia Children’s Home in Kali Market, Kenya.  Several mission teams contributed finances and time for the construction of the dormitory, kitchen, dining hall, administrative office block, latrines, chicken coup, perimeter fencing and security guard shack. 

The doors opened in 2009 and several new girls have been added to the family.  There are now 30 young ladies who call Suvia “home” and have lives they probably never dreamed they could live.

Financial support, through child sponsorship, along with many prayers, have made it possible for the girls to not only grow up, but thrive at Suvia Children’s Home.  Thanks to donors like you, these young ladies, orphaned at a young age by the death of both of their parents, not only have hope, but confidence that their lives have meaning and they will make a difference in the world in some way, shape or form.  

Education is the key to reducing poverty and is highly prized in Kenya, but only about 30% of children are able to attend secondary school.  Seven of the older girls attend secondary school, something they would never been able to do before coming to Suvia, because of donors give to cover their tuition. 

Each year, I am amazed at how the girls have grown and changed.  They carry on conversations, ask questions and share stories about their lives with us in English.  They are developing life-skills to ensure they can care for themselves when they become adults.  They attend church every week and grow in the faith and understanding of God’s mercy and grace. 

The example of Suvia Children’s Home is only one of hundreds that show what a difference someone like YOU can make in the lives of  children and families ,and the development of communities around the world.  Please be a blessing and choose to share your blessings with others.  THANK YOU.

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a girl at Suvia Children’s Home, please call Diane Solmonson at 800-881-2170 or .


Trinity Lutheran/Impact Ministries serves Iglesia Roca de Salvacion

March 19th, 2014

On March 8 to the 15, a group of 17 people traveled to the Dominican Republic to serve in a small village called Consuelito. Vicki Kolsrud and Pattie Juarez were the trip leaders for World Servants. Pastor Ruth Berenice worked hard to prepare for the team’s arrival and the church family did a lot of work ahead of time. The goal was to help put a new roof onto the old and new parts of the building. It was amazing to see just how much work had been done since the first team left last July.

In just five days the team was able to put the first layer of flooring down in the new rooms of the building. The team also helped as the locals added two more layers of bricks to hold the new roof. The trusses for the new roof went up and finally the last day the new sheeting was added.

The team had a chance to do outreach with almost 100 children in the community with Vacation Bible School. (Kid’s Club) Each day home visits were done with the goal of praying for the families and sharing the love of Jesus.

Pastor Bernice is investing in that small village and God is lifting up families to be light in the darkness. It was a blessing to be a small part of what God is doing there.

Pattie Juarez, Community Specialist for the Dominican Republic, World Servants US


World Servants Values Volunteers

March 17th, 2014

Having just completed our annual Volunteer Leadership Conference a week ago, I am struck by the passion displayed by all of our attendees. World Servants couldn’t do anything without volunteers; our volunteer teams who give both their time and money to serve on mission trips, our volunteer mission and assistant mission leaders who feel called to lead our mission groups freely serving each participant as though they are family and our donors, many of whom have served on mission trips and clearly see the need to support World Servants and its ministry of compassion and hope.

THANK YOU to each and everyone of our volunteers – not only those I met recently at the conference, but all who have supported World Servants over the last 28 years! We are always looking for new volunteers, so if you are interested call 800-881-2170 or send an email to

Many blessings, Diane

Dominican Republic

Consuelito Mission Trip (Dominican Republic)

March 17th, 2014

March 6, 2014
As we fly to Santo Domingo I’m reminded of the work that Pastor Bernice is doing in Consuelito. She has a heart for the young kids in the community. It was hard to believe she has only been serving as the Pastor of that church for one year.

The community was so responsive to her as we walked through the community. The many young people that attended the church service on Sunday. God is blessing what she is doing and it’s fun to see it.

Our first trip was working at expanding the little church to double its size. New bathrooms that will have running water and several rooms for classes at the church. This trip we hope to finish the roof in the main building so that the church expansion will be complete.

I’m looking forward to Kid’s Club…so many kids and lots of fun.

Pattie Juarez