Suvia Girls Head to Secondary School

February 11th, 2014

In Kenya, the new school year begins in January. We have much to celebrate as 7 of the young ladies are now attending secondary school!

Purity Katungwa Mutuki is now in her third year, Mwende Ndambuki, Nduku Kioko and Faith Nthamba Nthenya have just started their second year in secondary school and we have three girls just beginning their first year: Muthoki Kioko, Esther Ndunge and Katunge Nyerere.

Most of these ladies started living at Suvia Children’s Home in October 2008 and have been the top of their classes throughout primary school. Nduku, in fact, earned a space at one of the best secondary schools in the Nairobi region, something of which to be very proud. Education is a top priority for most Kenyans and it can be difficult to pass the exams required in order to be eligible to attend secondary school.

Recently, I received an email from Pastor Kisua. He wrote to thank World Servants and all of the girls’ sponsors for your financial and prayer support. He continued, “I’m happy to inform you the girls are fine, and also me and Rhoda, and growing physically and spiritually. We have not experienced any major problems health-wise.

All these girls are working hard to be the best in their classes and they need financial support so their dreams of a future can come true. To attend Kenya national schools is very costly, so they are in need of tuition fees. So let us all pray for God to open doors and provide them with school tuition for 2014.

Three more girls will start secondary school in 2015 as long as they pass their exams and funds are available for their tuition!

May God bless you all as you continue serving Him. Thanks. Rev. Nicholas Kisua”