Short Term Missions in Kenya

June 24th, 2013

For more than 20 years, amazing things have been happening in Kenya via World Servants’ short-term missions.  Teams have served all over the country from the Rift Valley to the border near Sudan, from the tropical coast of Mombasa to the city core of Nairobi.  New churches, healthcare clinics, schools and orphanages now offer communities life-changing services, which would be non-existent without compassionate and generous World Servants volunteers.

Currently, World Servants teams are focused on two rural villages and an area just off the busiest highway in Kenya.  Since 2008, Suvia Children’s Home, located near Kali Market, has offered a sanctuary for girls who have lost their both their parents, most of the time due to AIDS.  Mission teams made up of church groups, families and individuals worked alongside members of the community to build the girls’ dormitory, kitchen, dining area, office block, sick bay, watchman’s house, play area and security fence.

Twenty-nine girls, ages 4 through 16 years old, call Suvia “home”, reaping the benefits of a stable, loving family environment.  These young ladies, some of whom were abandoned by extended family or considered to be a burden because of the added expense of caring for additional family members, have successfully integrated into this loving family environment.  They are nurtured and supported by the matron, staff members and volunteers and strong bonds have developed to make this their family.

In 2011, World Servants began working in Tawa, about two and a half hours outside of Nairobi.  Partnerships with two community groups, Upendo Women’s Group and Kakuswi Special School for the Deaf, are flourishing.  Two teams have built a bakery and administration block for the women’s group where new jobs have been generated and empowerment workshops are offered.  More than two dozen deaf students at Kakuswi are enjoying the renovated dormitories, kitchen and dining area, as well as their own brand new two room school, thanks to two other teams serving this summer.

The summer of 2013 will see World Servants teams continue the construction of additional classrooms at Kakuswi, as well as a new project located in a busy town half way between Nairobi and Mombasa.  Teams will build greenhouses at a girls’ school with the goal of generating both food and funds to not only grow, but to become self-sustaining in the very new future.

Come join the ministry of World Servants, which brings hope and transformation to Kenyan communities in need!


World Servants in Ecuador

June 20th, 2013

The Republic of Ecuador is a representative democratic republic in South America, bordered by Colombia, Peru and the Pacific Ocean. Ecuador is the second smallest country in South America, slightly smaller than Nevada, with Quito as its capital city.


World Servants began taking teams to Ecuador in 1987 and has focused the ministry mainly around the Quiche Indians, a native mountain population.  We have assisted them in making the church the center for community improvement, as well as an outpost for sharing the Good News of Jesus.  As a result, World Servants teams have assisted in the building of churches, schools, orphanages, clinics, and work among the disabled.  Most of the communities have been able to sustain and grow the ministries beyond World Servants’ involvement.


While physical building has been important to the communities being served, the building of relationships among the teams and the local population is what brings hope to all.  Our continued focus is expanding the outreach of the local church in Ecuador.


For the near future, World Servants will focus on two communities.  In Pujili, about 2 hours southwest of Quito, a day center will be constructed for mountain children who cannot otherwise attend school.  In Macas, a town at the edge of the jungle, a new school, housing kindergarteners through high school, is being constructed.  World Servants will have the opportunity to bring teams to serve alongside the local community and change the lives of the children through the priceless gift of education.  Both of these projects are an integral part of the local church expanding their ministry and developing the community.