Serving with World Servants in the Dominican Republic

April 11th, 2013

The Dominican Republic is our oldest partner; we took our first World Servants’ mission team there more than twenty-five years ago. Thanks to the World Servants DR team we have developed some very special relationships in many different communities.

We are currently working in:
• The mountain villages of San Cristobel
• Villa Esfuerzo
• Consuelo
• Villa Hermosa
• La Cumbre
• Constanza
• La Represa

It’s exciting to have several churches with long-term commitments to our partner communities. Their support has made it possible to complete some very large projects, which have made a big impact on these communities. When churches return year after year, it speaks volumes to the communities about the importance of the relationships that have been built.

In January 2013, a World Servants team of team 19 people served in San Cristobel. This church group has committed to helping the community to complete a center which will provide services to seven surrounding villages. This center has made it possible to provide medical and dental clinics, as well as adult training. The construction focus is on adding a third story to the center, which will provide dorm rooms for groups to stay in San Cristobel. The team also put on Kid’s Club and made community visits to pray with families for any needs they have. It was a wonderful week for everybody involved.