World Servants Mission Trips into Mexico 2010

In early spring of 2009, concern was raised in the news about the safety of traveling into Mexico due to violence along the Mexico and United States border. World Servants normally has ten mission experiences scheduled for Reynosa and Tecate, Mexico, our two host communities where we serve. The news reports about violent activity going on in Mexico created a sense of concern for the safety of our mission teams.

After frequent and detailed communication with our ministry partners in Mexico, World Servants decided to move forward with plans to mobilize teams to serve in Reynosa and Tecate. Our community leaders worked with us to put emergency plans in place. Adjustments were made to the weekly schedule, especially for our day off activities to ensure volunteers and their families felt safe. The pastors, with whom we partner in Mexico, were diligent in keeping us informed of any concerns. World Servants hosted three trips to Mexico, all without incident.

World Servants fully understands the concerns connected with travel into Mexico. Safety is of the utmost importance to our organization. We encourage youth group leaders, pastors, families and individuals to give us a call to discuss these concerns. We are more than happy to provide the names and contact information for the pastors of our participating churches that served in Mexico this past summer, as well as the phone numbers of our partner pastors in both Reynosa and Tecate, Mexico.

As we are planning our 2010 Mexico trips, we continue to be in continuous communication with our pastors and other leaders within the community. At this point in time, there are no indications of any violent activity going on in either Reynosa or Tecate. We pray that teams will return to serve at these two sites and share their love and faith in Christ with these communities. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

In His service with you,

Pattie Juarez
Area Director Mexico, World Servants, Inc.