Over the years, World Servants has established relationships with several pastors ministering in Reynosa and Tecate, Mexico. Partnering with pastors and their congregations, our church mission teams have helped build local churches’ ministries and reputations within their communities.




Together, we make an impact by:

  • Building homes for people in need
  • Supporting Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage, a home for boys which prides itself in never turning a child away. Over the years, we have built a basketball court, repaired their swimming pool, built two classrooms and constructed a medical clinic and chicken coop


Safety Concerns

In early spring of 2009, concern was raised in the news about the safety of traveling into Mexico due to violence along the Mexico/United States border. World Servants fully understands the concerns connected with travel into Mexico and safety is of the utmost importance to our organization. After communication with our ministry partners in Mexico, World Servants decided for the safety of our participants to stop going to Reynosa.

But World Servants continues to serve in Tecate, just an hour over the US border from San Diego. Our community leaders worked with us to put emergency plans in place and adjustments have been made to the weekly schedule, especially for our day off activities, to ensure our volunteers and families feel safe.

Multiple teams have worked in Tecate since this decision and there has been no violent activity affecting the area where we serve – Rancho San Juan Bosco Boys Home We are thankful that teams are able to serve in Tecate and share their love and faith in Christ with the children living at San Juan Bosco.

Tecate, Mexico
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Rancho San Juan Bosco Boys Home

World Servants has been taking teams to serve with San Juan Bosco Orphanage for over 15 years. While the local government does not support the orphanage financially, it is used as a resource to place boys who are taken away from their families because of abuse. Some boys are street kids who have no place to go. About half of the boys who are taken to the orphanage will grow up there. Other boys may stay until their families improve their home situations.

World Servants helps by:

  • Aiding in much-needed repairs such as roofing, painting, pluming and building
  • Filling the biggest need: Spending quality time with the boys