Help with Haiti Earthquake Relief

World Servants Teams Headed to Haiti

We are excited that people feel pulled to reach out and serve those who have been affected by the earthquake that rocked Haiti early this year.  More than 212,000 people were killed by the earthquake and damages are estimated to reach $14 billion. 

Haitians are not strangers to suffering and their "can-do" spirit is apparent, but the resources - manpower and materials - are just not available.  With little to no governmental assistance, Haitians are dependent on the efforts of churches and relief groups like World Servants and the compassion of people around the world. As we heard from our Haitian partners, "money brings aid, people bring hope. We need both." You can bring new hope and motivation to the Haitians, in addition to sharing the precious message of God's amazing love.  

World Servants and our mission partners in Port au Prince invite you to join the earthquake recovery/rebuilding efforts this summer, fall and throughout 2011.  Currently, there are mission trips in August and September open to both teams and individuals called to join in the relief activities in areas which were the hardest hit.  In 2011, there are four additional mission experiences slated to continue the work begun this year.

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Upcoming Trips to Haiti

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In April, at the invitation of our mission partners, World Servants traveled to Port au Prince to learn first-hand what was happening and specifically what is needed to help their communities and the people of Port au Prince.   Everywhere the World Servants team visited, destruction was evident - hospitals, schools, homes and businesses were no longer standing and many families had lost everything.  More than three quarters of the 1.3 million Haitians who are homeless still do not have proper shelter, remaining vulnerable to the elements.  If they are lucky, they may have a tent, which gives some protection for the scorching sun and relentless rains of summer.  

The camera crews are gone and news coverage is scarce, but the challenges and pain continue for the millions, young and old, living in Port au Prince.  Practically everyone in the city lost a loved one in the earthquake.  The hard work is just beginning.  On top of the unbelievable grief, families must find ways to support themselves, as well as their neighbors.  This is why your participation with one of World Servants' mission experiences is so important.  Conditions in Port au Prince remain hazardous, including extensive damage to buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, but improvements are being made every day.  Recovery won't happen overnight, it will be years and World Servants will be there, as we have been in the Gulf over the last five years since Hurricane Katrina.

We will be working with Pastor Daniel Davilmar, who leads Bethany Church and School, to rebuild both the church and school.  Both structures were badly damaged in the earthquake and the aftershocks.  Most of the school buildings in our host communities are in ruins.  So repairing an area school will not only be a sign of life returning to normal for the Haitian people, but give them hope during the challenging months ahead.  Schools in Haiti are an important resource for families to climb out of poverty; the country's literacy rate is as low as 20%.  Most children do not attend school simply because there isn't one for them to attend.  It is thanks to the local churches, which build new schools, that communities have access to an education that would otherwise be unavailable. When this reconstruction project is completed, World Servants teams will turn their attention to constructing single family homes for the thousands of people currently living in tents.

The partnership between World Servants, church mission teams and our host communities will be significant for everyone; Haitians will receive encouragement, prayer and tangible help, while people from the United States will be challenged in their faith by involvement with hope-filled Haitian believers.  Won't you come and join this important life-changing effort?  Put your faith into action and serve on one of World Servants' upcoming Haiti "earthquake recovery" mission trips.

For more information please call Diane Solmonson at 800-881-2170 or Diane Solmonson.