World Servants Trips to Haiti

In response to the request of Pastor Daniel Davilmar of Bethany Church and school, our mission partner in Port au Prince, World Servants is offering a number of trips to help with earthquake relief work.  These newly created trips will cost approximately $1,200 per person (not including airfare) and are being offered on the following weeks:  

Jul 01, 2018 - Jul 07, 2018St . MartinAdultView Trip

The goal of these trips will be to help rebuild Bethany Church and school, which was badly damaged in the January earthquake and aftershocks, as well as assist the surrounding community as needed.   Most of the children in Port au Prince are not able to attend school at this point because almost all of the school buildings are in ruins.  Repairing area schools will not only be a sign of life returning to normal for the Haitian people, but give them hope during the challenging months ahead.

The most important thing to remember is to be flexible in regard to both the work that we will do and potential ground arrangements regarding trip logistics.  Conditions in the area of Port au Prince remain hazardous, including extensive damage to buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, but improvements are being made every day.  World Servants will be traveling to Port au Prince by April to learn first-hand about what is happening in the area and find out more specifically what is needed to help our community partner and the people of Port au Prince.  

We are excited and hopeful that people, such as yourself, will feel compelled to serve those who have been affected by this tragic natural disaster bringing new hope and motivation to the Haitians, in addition, to the precious message of God's amazing love.