Cree Nation

In the summer 2011, World Servants hosted our first mission team to the Cree Nation in Fisher River, Manitoba, Canada*. The people of Fisher River were excited to host World Servants and we worked together to accomplish a project important to them – beautifying the Leigh Cochrane Memorial Visitors Centre, a beautiful building with an upper viewing deck, a boardwalk and a unique amphitheatre, which home to Fisher River’s annual community celebration.

We were invited to return by Chief David Crate and the Fisher River Council to continue to serve alongside the community and help with projects important to the Cree. Since then teams returned to Fisher River, helped with home repairs, painted the ice rink, spent time at the nursing home and presented Kids’ Club. You will learn about the Cree culture and work with them to help improve their community.

Cree Nation
Jul 15, 2018 - Jul 21, 2018Fisher RiverIntergen./FamilyView Trip

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International - *A passport is required to travel into Canada.

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The Cree Nation at Fisher River is located about two hours north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Communities Served at This Location

Fisher River

The Fisher River Band was established in 1875. The Cree Reserve is a fishing community, and is home to a people who place a strong emphasis on family values, are full of love and pride in their culture, offer warm hospitality and easy laughter. As of 2007, the total population was approximately 3,098, with an on-reserve population of 1,709.