Christ Centered

We will live out our mission by modeling our actions and attitudes after the person of Jesus Christ. We communicate the message of Jesus in a clear and culturally sensitive manner in all that we do.


We care deeply about the needs of a hurting world. We work with those who lack access to vital resources in a manner that will enhance their personal dignity.


We exist to serve God and others in a spirit of giving, which drives us to appropriate action. People are our most sacred obligation and our most valuable resource. We continually nurture relationships while enabling, equipping and empowering others to serve.


We will live out our values through keeping our promises to each other and to people we are called to serve. We do our work with excellence, through meeting the needs and seeking to exceed the expectations of those with whom we work, striving to be better.


We will attempt to do nothing alone. We will gain strength and insight from understanding, appreciating and respecting the differences of individuals and organizations with which we work.


We acknowledge that all our talents and resources are given by God and belong to him. We will responsibly and passionately use all resources at our disposal in a manner that will magnify and glorify God.


We understand the value of being learners, servants and storytellers. We will be intentional about capturing and utilizing the insights drawn from our individual and corporate experiences and relationships.