World Servants facilitates and leads customized mission trips for businesses, organizations and churches. These unique trips create an environment where participants meet each other, serve together, and return home to make an impact in their own communities. A mission experience is fertile ground for life transformation--both in your own life and those to whom you encounter.

Serving the Navajo Nation

In late April of 2010, a team of Lifetouch employees from all over the United States joined with World Servants on a mission trip to the Navajo Nation in Cottonwood, Arizona. The goal was to construct a new footbridge to connect two pieces of land divided by a deep ravine so children could safely get to school. The original footbridge had deteriorated; it no longer had a railing and many of the footboards were broken or missing. School children had to travel along the nearest highway and loop around to the elementary school.

The bond between the team and the Navajo community was evident throughout the week. Near the end of the trip, Navajo community leaders gave the team the privilege and honor of naming the bridge. Na’ni’á Ohoo’áá (The Learning Bridge) now stands not only as a safe way for children to get to school, but also as a symbol of friendship and hope.

Trip participants developed a wonderful relationship with the people in Cottonwood, which is drawing people to return in order to stay involved with the Navajo people and assist with other needed construction projects.

At the end of June 2012, another team of Lifetouch employees and friends will return to Cottonwood to once again assist with another community project. Relationship building will also be a major aspect of this trip with the group spending time with members of the Navajo community during the week and facilitate a Kids’ Club program for the children.

The Navajo community is excited to welcome back a team from Lifetouch and get to know this group of people, with faces both familiar and new, during the week of June 24-30, 2012. If you were a part of the 2010 Lifetouch team, we would love to have you join us again.

Trip Dates: June 24-30, 2012

Registration Deadline: April 25, 2012

Total Cost: $695 per person ($595 per person plus $100 construction donation per person)

  • The cost of the trip includes transportation to and from the mission site, but not the airline flight.
  • Before purchasing airline tickets, please call World Servants to confirm your participation.
    • Participants need to arrive at the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico by 12 noon
    • Departing flights should be booked to leave after 2 pm

Payment Deadlines:

Upon Registration: $150 per person (Non-Refundable Deposit)
April 15, 2012: $272.50 per person due
May 15, 2012: $272.50 per person due

What's Included:

  • Transportation from airport to mission site
  • Food and Lodging
  • Work Site Preparation
  • Construction Materials
  • Tools and Equipment
  • All Logistics Planning
  • Sight-seeing
  • Cross-Cultural Orientation Training
  • Planning Materials
  • Evening Program
  • Devotional Journal & T-shirt
  • Trip Facilitation by World Servants

For any questions about this trip, please feel free to contact Pattie Juarez at 800-881-2170 or click here to send her an email.

Terms and Policies

Please read the Terms & Policies before registering for this trip.

Register for 2012 trip to Cottonwood, AZ:

Click here to register for June 24th to June 30th, 2012

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World Servants

Ways YOU Can Help

You can be a part of the Lifetouch and Friends team even if you aren’t able to participate in the mission trip. 

Donate for Construction Materials:  If you would like to make a financial contribution to help “sponsor” the cost of construction materials, please click here to make your donation by credit card or check.

Support a Participant: If you would like to make a donation toward the trip costs, please click here to make a donation.

Questions? Call 1-800-881-2170 or send an email to Kim Gregg.