Every member of your family has a strategic role in God’s Great Commission. God uses every willing heart in His kingdom work to help those in need, no matter how young or old.

World Servants has a place for your family to serve. One father told us, "This mission trip was a defining moment in my life and in the life of our family. We’ll never be the same."

World Servants’ weeklong family-friendly experiences take place in a safe, Christian environment bringing hope and God’s love to people in need. Children will be introduced to God’s love for the world, learn about new cultures, pray for the needs of people and share God’s heart with others.

Families can join any intergenerational / family World Servants’ mission trip. There are plenty of opportunities to choose from for 2012.  Applying God’s Word through hands-on service projects will have lasting impact on their lives and the lives of those with whom they work alongside. Parents have the opportunity to instill important values in their children, which will never be forgotten — resulting in practical skills for living a Christian life.

Does your family have younger children? Families with young children have more flexible schedules and may find fall is a great time to go on a World Servants mission trip; the weather is pleasant, the vibrant fall colors add to the beauty of our partner communities and mission teams are a smaller, more intimate size.

There are still many projects to do. In West Virginia and the Cree Nation, Canada, completing renovations and repairs, along with "fall clean-up" activities before winter sets in, would be the answer to many prayers. In our warmer climate community of La Represa, Dominican Republic, the teams will be building the third story of a primary school.

For more information, check out some upcoming trips listed below, or visit our 2011 Trips page. Please call World Servants at 800-881-2170 if you have questions or want to learn more.

World Servants Fall Mission Trips