My name is Kaitlin Kraft and I am running the GO! St. Louis Marathon on Saturday, April 10, 2011 to raise $5,000 for Suvia Children's Orphanage Home in Kali Market, Kenya.

In July 2008, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Kali to complete the girls' dormitory, build a kitchen/dining room and dig a mile long ditch from the clean water source in the village to the orphanage site. It was an amazing experience that has touched my heart and left me wanting to continue to support the Suvia Children's Home in any way that I can.

Now, more than ever, Kenyan children become orphans due to one or both parents dying from AIDS. Currently, there are 1.2 million orphaned children in Kenya alone! Because of this, orphans are ostracized by their community and live in extreme poverty.

Suvia Children's Home offers everything necessary to the girls living there so they can achieve positive physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth. The children receive a nutritional diet, clothing, comfortable housing and medical treatment to aid in prevention and treatment of illnesses. World Servants and Pastor Kisua inspires each child to live independently and become a productive member of the Kenyan society.

When completed, the Suvia Home will have four dormitories that will house 100 boys and 100 girls who have been left parentless due to the AIDS epidemic. The full plan for the Suvia Children's Home cannot be implemented without further financial support is raised through donations. I am running 26.2 miles in hopes of raising enough money that will go a long way (8,200 miles to be exact)!

If you would like to support my efforts and donate to Suvia Children's Home, please go to www.worldservants.org, go to the "Giving" tab, click on "Special Appeals", and then type in name of the Special Appeal which is "Suvia Marathon".

I appreciate any contribution you can make to help me reach my goal to help the Suvia Children's Home.

Gotta run!

Kaitlin Kraft
St. Louis, Missouri
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church