Kali Borehole Project

Thanks to many who contributed to the Famine Relief Project benefiting Kali Market over the past year, as well as for financial assistance to allow Suvia Children's Home to continue to grow.

It's our pleasure to share a wonderful email we recently received from Ben Kikuvi, World Servants Kenya. He wrote, "The rains are back. Machakos recorded the highest rainfall in one day. Pray that it continues. The harvest from the November-December 2009 rains was very good. Right now people are happy. They are not starving. God bless America for the support you gave our people during the last period of drought and famine that visited our land."

Friends from all over the US sent contributions to World Servants, which purchased hundreds of bags of maize. Every dollar was a blessing and more than $50,000 was raised. Food distributions were done twice a month throughout 2009, each time supplying food to almost 10,000 people. During our recent visit in January, we were told the food aid saved the lives of hundreds of people. Praise God for all of you with generous hearts who helped with this life-saving project - thank you.

World Servants is thrilled to report that Kali Market enjoyed an awesome harvest. Families have been able to store much of their crop, which will provide food for months to come.

Last August, Pastor Nicholas told a World Servants mission team that with access to water they wouldn't suffer from famine because the land is so fertile. He told us when the rains finally do return, all of Kali will be able to offer food to their American brothers and sisters who helped during the devastating famine.

Because the famine has ended, funds are no longer needed to purchase maize. What is needed now is a reliable water supply. World Servants is now focusing funds on drilling a village borehole that will provide water to the entire Kali Market community. This borehole will be the start of a project that will bring about the opportunity to irrigate area farms, thus ensuring access to water to grow crops, even during times of drought.

If you would like to continue to contribute to this special project, we would welcome your support.

A village well will change the lives of practically every one living in Kali Market. Women won't have to walk long distances to find water, the water will be safe meaning people won't suffer diarrhea from water-borne diseases and children will be able to attend school because they don't have to help their mothers fetch water.

Once again, we offer our heartfelt thanks to all of you who gave in order to help those across the world suffering from famine and in dire need of food.



Diane Solmonson
Community Specialist, Kenya