In San Cristobal area

As of November 2, 2007; November 16 updates indicated where available...

Villages of San Cristobal

A team from World Servants Netherlands was working in Nigua Arriba, near San Cristobal, to install a water system in this area when the storm hit.  The group was relocated to a camp in the city where they waited out the storm.  Their luggage however had to be removed from the area by ropes in order to get them across the flooded rivers. (Photos...)

The villages of San Cristobal have been most affected by the storm.  World Servants plans to focus most of its relief efforts here. San Cristobal is a city just west of Santo Domingo.  The mountain villages of San Cristobal are located about an hour's drive into the mountains from the city of San Cristobal.  World Servants teams (mainly Dutch teams) have been working there for 6 years installing water systems and latrines.

  • El Cuchillo del Higo - (11/16) This community had minor damage to their water sytem from the storm.  The community continues to experience problems however with the current configuration.  We have explored a second source that will provide water to the community by gravity instead.  The study is still in process.
  • La Cuchilla de Los Annones - The people are safe and did not have any major damage to their homes.  The water system has been damaged and no one is receiving water at their homes.  They have not been able to get to the water source because flooding to investigate the damage.  Food supplies are running low.
  • Los Annones/Cañada del Capa - (11/16) This community only needs the pipe that crosses the river, there are two bridges (crossings) that need to be replaced.
  • Nigua Arriba - (11/16) It is our intention to finish this project. We need to finish the latrines, to rebuild the sources of water, install the line over the river and put the water taps at the houses.  (11/2) The people in this area are safe.  Parts of the school and homes have been washed away. Some of the materials the team was working with are gone.
  • Tres Veredas - No communication received yet
  • Manumantuay - Update from Pastor Carlos: This area had no communication with authorities as of Wednesday night, October 31, 2007.  The river that runs through these communities has flooded the only road, washed away homes and damaged community buildings.  World Servants teams have installed water systems and latrines in this area for the past six years.  The water systems have extensive damage.  Our partners there are gathering information about the damage caused by Noel.  Access to this area will be limited to horseback and foot once the waters recede because roads have washed away.  Currently, the people are without food and medical care.
  • La Llanada (11/16)
    Many of the water lines were lost in the flood. This community needs an expansion of the system due to the growth of the community.

Constanza - Angel Moreta

Some of the new homes World Servants Netherlands built in the community were used as shelters from the storm.  Many homes in the area where damaged from the storm.  There are some communities in Constanza where the river destroyed the houses, several people have drowned and these areas are inaccessible to aid.  There is a need for food, clothes, blankets and medicine.

Consuelo - Julio Jiménez

The communities in Consuelo have no reported damage.  The rainfall in this area was a typical amount for this time of year.  Consuelo is located east of Santo Domingo.

El Puerto - Thelma

In the places where World Servants teams have worked, including Thelma's church, the widows' house and the orphanage, there is no damage.  However in Piedra Blanca, the city which is the entrance road to the camp Manantiales, there has been major damage.  The river washed out the road to the camp and mudslides have been reported.  There are also reports from the surrounding areas of homes being washed away with people inside.

La Barquita, Sabana Perdida - TV Report

This community has experienced extreme flooding up to the rooftops of homes.  A church and school built by World Servants was used as a shelter for the community.  We have not received communication directly from our contact due to the severity of their circumstances.  At this time, access to this community is only by boats. 

Villa Esfuerzo & Los Solares - Miguelina

These communities, located in Santo Domingo, experienced a lot rain.  The streets have a lot of water and mud, but people's homes have not been structurally affected.

San Cristobal is west of Santo Domingo, and the mountain villages are about an hour's drive north of it.