How Training Makes the Difference

     Building effective relationships.  Team conflict. Unclear focus.  Culture shock. Unrealistic expectations.  These things can and do happen.  Instead of letting challenges like these short-circuit the potential life-change in your organization, we want to help you capitalize on potential problems and turn them into opportunities for individuals to learn and grow.

     World Servants offers experiential learning seminars to churches, non-profit organizations and businesses that are tailored to the customer.  Each seminar is a comprehensive event that includes team building, cultivating awareness of differences, skills for engaging in relationships, developing an orientation toward acts of service, debriefing, and application time.

     Our Cross-Cultural Orientation trains people to relate effectively within the diversity of cultures they encounter in everyday living.  Custom Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) events are available to churches, non-profits and businesses; materials are appropriately modified to reflect the context of each individual event.  This comprehensive training has been proven over the years through the experiences of hundreds of short-term mission teams, businesses and non-profit organizations.

     Each of our training curriculums use a practice to theory format.  They have been developed to move attendees through this learning process by participation in exercises, followed by a guided reflection process that both internalizes and extracts lessons learned from these exercises.  This style of training is known as experiential learning and is proven to maximize the individuals' learning potential because of its hands-on nature. The goal is to create an environment where relationships are built, leadership is developed and lifelong learning takes place.  Through the use of active, experiential learning modules, these trainings simulate such an environment to prepare the participants for true-life change.

     World Servants CCO engages participants in the learning process.  Active, experiential learning designs provide a dynamic environment that has been shown to be the most effective at leading people into true-life change.  You will receive our extensive training resources and participate in experiential training covering the following critical topics:

  • team building
  • understanding cultural differences 
  • conflict management
  • cross-cultural communication
  • storytelling
  • debriefing
  • life application
  • flexibility